Flood Risk is live today!

Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2010. Valerie Sloan and Rocky Russo, her fellow investigator, are headed to an insurance conference to talk about the case that won them notoriety in both music and insurance circles: the retrieval of a valuable guitar.

Valerie’s good friend Mark Patton is also in Nashville, helping country music star Hayley Hopkins to prepare for the Country Music Hall of Fame’s induction concert. Hayley’s father, long-deceased bluegrass artist Charley Hopkins, is being inducted and she is loaning his mandolin to the Hall of Fame Museum after the concert.

When Valerie and Rocky join Mark to meet Hayley the day before the concert, the mandolin has disappeared and everyone, including Nashville insurance investigator Olivia Farrell and Detective Watson Dodd, is expected to help find it. But the rain has begun and the Cumberland River is on the rise. Will they find the mandolin before the flood sweeps it – and all of them – away?

You can find out when you read Flood Risk, available now at bookshops everywhere.

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