I’m hard at work…

on the next Valerie Sloan mystery! This one is set in Nashville, TN, and features a mandolin. Rocky and Mark are joining her. Valerie also makes some new friends, Lee Davis and Olivia Farrell. But if you think Valerie has left her old nemesis Suzume Kojima behind, think again!

You’ll find me…

huddled over my keyboard. I am staying healthy and currently not scheduling any events for 2022. I’ll be sure to announce new events or releases as they occur. 

Want to buy a book or have a special request? Go to the Where To Buy page on this site (scroll over Special Risk) and choose your method. Contact me at if you have last-minute needs or want to have your book personalized.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting events –

including the next book in the series, Flood Risk!


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