Today’s Coffee: Mugs

Coffee Miracle, my first Today’s Coffee entry.

When I first started posting Today’s Coffee on Instagram, it was all about the coffee and the mugs. I was going through a period of downsizing so that we could move to a smaller house. I wanted to unload a lot of my possessions and I did, including about half my mug collection. After the fact, I realized that there were one or two that I wish I’d kept – and I didn’t have photos of them.

Am I the only person who “misses” mugs? There are so many mugs floating around and they come and go in our lives. Mostly, in my life, they come and stay. And clutter our cabinets. Getting rid of some of the collection felt good, but I decided that I should document the mugs I kept and used so that, if I ever decide to purge the shelves again, I’ll have a record.

I kept a lot of mugs, and they all mean something to me.




The Starbucks mugs were my starter collection. As I visited other coffee shops and roasters, I added more. A few come from theaters I’ve visited and musicals I’ve seen. Some are gifts.

There was one mug that did make the original cut, but I managed to chip it. This is the one:

My favorite coffee/hot chocolate mug. Until I chipped it!

It was a gift from a person I worked with for many years. I apologize to her for my clumsiness. It was not only one of my favorite coffee mugs, but it was also the best hot chocolate mug I ever had, and I miss it every winter.

I’m sure you have at least one favorite mug on your kitchen shelf. What is your favorite and why?

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