Downsizing: The Domino Effect

IMG_7836I’ve read a lot recently about how new purchases can set you up for “the domino effect.” Here is how it happens: you buy a new thing for your house, let’s say a new couch. The couch arrives at your home, and the delivery guys put it in place, and it looks great. But then you look around the room and think, “Gee, that chair next to it looks old. We need a new one, so it looks good next to the couch.” You buy a chair that complements the couch and, sure enough, it looks great.  Then you think,”You know, the throw pillows don’t really go with the couch or the chair anymore,” so you throw out the old pillows and buy new pillows. And then…

You get the idea.

When we bought our new couch, I was concerned that this very thing would happen to us, because we also replaced our living room rug at about the same time.

We also invested in some artwork that will hang near the couch.

The truth is, we have been looking for these items since we moved here. The new pieces echo the modernness of our new house and are more restful than what we had before. It’s a coincidence that we found these things just a few days after we ordered the couch.

I believe these purchases were necessary for us. We are making this new space our home, and we want items around us that make us feel good without cluttering the space. I believe that we have accomplished this.

I’m hyperconscious of the dangers of the Domino Effect, but downsizing does not always mean living an uncomfortable, stoic life. The lesson of downsizing is to find the level of “stuff” that makes you feel good and not overwhelmed while you minimize your footprint in your environment.

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