Grant Consultant

The world of grants is huge, the opportunities, varied. It is easy to ask for a grant, it is much harder to do it well. Small things can make a huge difference in grants, and clarity and simplicity are key concepts. During my career in libraries, I had the opportunity to write, critique, offer, and administer grants.

Are you wondering where to find those grants? What to include? Or have you already written a grant that could use a pair of “outside” eyes? Maybe you have had a grant turned down, and the grantmaker does not have the time or staff to review it with you, to tell you what to strengthen for the next application. I can help.

I received training in grant writing with Zocklein and Associates
I was a member of the grant writing team for the State Library of PA. As part of that team, I assisted in writing a successful grant for $3000 from the Greater Harrisburg Foundation and for $250,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH – the Save America’s Treasures Partnership) for preservation of the State Library’s Rare Books Collection.
I was a member of the grants review team at the state level for Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) grants for two years
I was a member of the training team at the state level for grant writing. We offered both online and in-person training sessions.


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