I’m Sandy Nork, a writer, researcher, and editor from the Harrisburg, PA, area. I also do grant consulting and writing for nonprofit agencies. My husband, Bill, is a musician who inspired my current fiction work-in-progress, a suspense novel about a valuable guitar.

I am a musical tourist, coffee drinker, yoga enthusiast, baking devotee, technology aficionado, trained librarian, and friend of all dogs. Well, most dogs. You can find me on Twitter as @novelgal and on Facebook as Sandy Nork.

I’ve been writing, researching, and editing most of my life. If you need someone to find information for you, write an article, paper, or book, proofread your work, or help you shape your project’s direction, contact me and we can negotiate the details.

Leave a comment below or email me at sandynork(at)comcast.net.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thanks for the endorsement. The NEH grant we wrote for the State Library was one of my three biggest accomplishments while I worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The payoff was that the Library actually received the grant. Quite a highlight. For anyone keeping score, the other two were the article I wrote with Ann Kemper on Access to Pennsylvania Documents and the implementation of Ask Here PA for Library Development.

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